Welcome to English Workshop language blog!

If you are an English language learner who wants to know more about English or learn and practice it online for the purposes of work, studies, or self-development, then English Workshop language blog is meant to be for you. My name is Elena Rudaya and I am a professional English language teacher based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and the founder of this website.

The purpose of this blog is to create a warm and private English Workshop space to help people learn English on their own or with a teacher. Here you’ll find:

  • interesting topics for discussion
  • useful vocabulary and grammar
  • facts about the English language and culture
  • audio files to practice listening and pronunciation
  • writing assignments
  • online courses you might need to immerse yourself in professional or everyday English

I do hope you will enjoy your time with English Workshop language blog!

If you would like to make an inquiry or send a message, feel free to email me at lena-rudaya@yandex.ru

Elena Rudaya,
Teacher of English and German,
Ph.D in Philology

Website publication date: 15 August, 2022

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