Create Your Company Profile in English

Are you creating a company profile? Use these 7 questions to make the best company profile presentation (with example)

Facts First

Let’s start by presenting the facts about your company. To answer the following questions, use the examples below to help you:

What’s your company’s name?

I am the founder of (the Profit Prophet Company) .
The company I work for is called (Profit Prophet).
Here, at (Profit Prophet Company), we aim at increasing returns on your investments.

What’s your company’s corporate address?

  • The company’s corporate address is (Moscow, Russia) .
  • My firm’s headquarters is in (Toronto, Canada).
  • We are based in (Osaka, Japan).

Who makes up the Board of Directors?

Our enterprise was established in 2002 and is overseen by a four-member Board of Directors.

Currently our Board has 11 directors, all of whom are distinguished professionals in their area of expertise.

How is your company organized? What departments are there?

There are several departments in my company: Corporate and Legal Affairs, Marketing, HR, Customer Solutions, and Finance Group.

Does your company have any operation centers or subsidiaries?

Since we are a global company, we have subsidiaries in more than 100 countries of the world.
Also, we are the world’s largest business developer and franchiser.

What is your company’s current national and international employment headcount?

We employ more than 150, 000 people worldwide. More than 70,000 of them work locally.

What is your company’s mission statement?

Its mission is to empower, inspire and encourage investors all around the world.

Our purpose goes far beyond profit. We believe that our company can have a positive impact on the future of business.

We will always strive to expand the limits of our opportunities.

Our business idea is to serve our clients around the world and be the first in our industry.


Of course, your company must have an exciting story of how it was formed. Its purpose is to help create a unique bond between your audience – business partners or customers – and you.

Show them the key dates or milestones in a timeline format, with all highs and lows. You do want to have some twists in your story and demonstrate your problem-solving skills and sustainability. Do not overwhelm your listeners with excessive information, though.

“Behind every cup of coffee is a story”


Tip: To make sure you pronounce dates and years in English correctly, click on the link below:

Company Profile: Sample Template (audio below):

The Profit Prophet Company was founded by Mr Rich, Jr. and Partners in New York in 2007.

But already in 2008, they were about to close the start-up, as the world was sliding into a recession. The demand for their services was extremely low because people were unwilling to invest their money in emerging industries.

Hence, the stakeholders made a decision to switch their focus to conservative stock portfolios. Thus, a substantial breakthrough was achieved but there was still a lot of work to be done.

However, since then, the Prophet Profit Company has attracted thousands of clients all around the world. In 2020, the Company was awarded the “Greatest Influencer in the Industry” prize. At the moment, it is a market leader and has the highest profitability margin.

Written by Elena Rudaya

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