Making Business Contacts in English

Useful expressions for making business contacts: welcoming visitors to your company, introducing yourself and others in English, responding to greetings. 7 exemplary conversations with audio

Skills for Making Business Contacts

Making first business contacts in English could be a real challenge for language learners. Below are 7 short business conversations between company hosts and guests. Together with this real life English, when meeting new people remember to smile, make a firm handshake and keep eye contact. To excel in making business contacts, practice active listening, emotional intelligence and empathy.

Meeting and Greeting

Conversation 1:

Executives: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to our company!

Visitors: Hello! Thank you! We’re delighted to be here today!

Conversation 2:

Executive: Good afternoon, Mr Guest and welcome to BizTalk company!

Visitor: Hello! Glad to meet you!

Conversation 3:

Executive: Hello! Welcome to our office! This way please!

Visitors: Good morning! Thanks a lot! It’s so nice to be here!

Conversation 4:

Executive: Hello Mr Roberts! Welcome to Hong Kong! I hope you had a nice trip!

Mr Roberts: Hello Mr Cheng! How nice to see you again!

Introducing Yourself and Others

Situation 1:

Executive: Let me introduce the members of the group to you! My name is Dmitry Gorelov, and these are my colleagues, Mikhail Petrov and Natalia Volkova.

Visitor: Nice to meet you! My name’s David Thomas.

Mikhail: How do you do?

Natalia: Happy to meet you!

Situation 2:

Executive: I’m Paul Rogers, Head of Sales Department at BizTalk. This is my assistant, Jenny Barns.

Visitor: Pleased to meet you! I’m Jessica Thornton.

Jenny: Hello Jessica! Glad to meet you, too!

Situation 3:

Executive: Let me introduce myself, I’m Sarah Goodwill. This is my assistant, Anna Dunne.

Visitor: It’s a pleasure to meet you! My name’s Olaf Svensson.

Anna: Hello Mr Svensson! Nice to meet you!

Making Business Contacts: Conversation Questions

  1. How often do you meet new people in business? Do you like making new business contacts?
  2. Do you like networking and socialising? What is the difference between networking and socialising?
  3. What can you do to make people feel comfortable in a new place when you meet them?

Written by Elena Rudaya

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