Business Small Talk in English

Here’s how to greet visitors to your company and start business negotiations. Best topics to do business small talk and build good relations with your business partners.

Business Small Talk: Conversation Questions

Do you think business people should build business small talk skills? Why? Why not?

How do you think business small talk is different from a small talk in the situations not related to business?

What is the role of a business small talk?

Business Small Talk: Talking about the journey

Executive: Pleased to meet you! I hope you had a pleasant journey. Is this your first visit to Berlin?

Visitor: Unfortunately, there was a problem with the flight. We had to wait for three hours!

Executive: Did you have a good journey?

Visitor: Oh, the flight was good! Quite fast and relaxing. And the weather’s fine today!

Talking about the city/ sights

Executive: Have you been to Saint- Petersburg before, Mr Rogers?

Visitor: Actually, no. This is my first visit to your country, so I’m looking forward to seeing some of the sights later today! Oh, and call me Paul please.

A: We met last year at the Economic Forum, didn’t we?

B: Yes, I seem to recognise your face, too! Actually, this is my third time here – I’m very happy to be in this country again!

A: Do you have any plans for today? You must make time to visit the Hermitage – there’s now a new exhibition of Flemish paintings there.

B: Oh, I’d really love to! I’ll go there as soon as we finish our negotiations today. I’d like to see all museums, art galleries, monuments and cathedrals in this beautiful city!

Executive: Are you looking forward to seeing the Eiffel Tower?

Visitor: Definitely! I’ve always dreamt of viewing Paris from the top!

Talking about accommodation

Executive: What hotel are you staying at? Is it comfortable?

Visitor: Yes, my room is quite cozy. The hotel has a nice sauna and a swimming pool.

Executive: Have you got any problems with accommodation?

Visitor: Well, we’d booked a suite room for three nights here, but unfortunately something went wrong and now we live in a standard room. It’s quite nice, though. And the price is reasonable.

Talking about restaurants/food

Executive: Have you had your breakfast yet?

Visitors: Well, yes! We had a croissant and a coffee early in the morning.

Executive: We’ll have a couple of coffee breaks today – there are some snacks and biscuits over there for you to nibble. And our lunch is at 1 pm.

Visitor: Great! I must confess I work better after eating!

Business Small Talk in Multicultural Environment: Conversation Questions

Do you think cultural awareness is important when doing business small talk in a multicultural environment? Why? Why not?

What topics can be considered inappropriate for a business small talk in a multicultural environment?

What other topics can be deemed safe in multicultural surroundings?

Written by Elena Rudaya

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