Business Negotiations in English

English phrases for business negotiations: understanding needs and interests of your business partners. 6 exemplary conversation snapshots with audio.

Business Negotiations: Exploring each other’s interests

Party A: Could you give us an idea of what you’re expecting?

Party B: I would say a 7% discount is a fair suggestion.

Negotiator A: What’s your position on the currency of the contract?

Negotiator B: Well, I think the US dollar is the optimal currency choice. What’s your view on this matter?

Party A: What time scale are we looking at? I suggest bringing in some outside contractors to ensure that the project will be on time. What are your thoughts on that?

Party B: We don’t see it as a viable option as it would raise the price by 20%.

Negotiator A: We can offer you a 3% discount on your next purchase. Are these terms acceptable?

Negotiator B: I’m afraid not. We were hoping to get at least a 5% discount on our first order.

Party A: What delivery time are we talking about?

Party B: We normally use Fastline shipping company for each delivery, which means it will take about a week. Would that be acceptable to you?

Negotiator A: What figure did you have in mind?

Negotiator B: We were thinking of somewhere in the region of $90 per package including shipping costs and insurance.

Business Negotiations: Discussion

Is compromising a good strategy in business negotiations? Why? Why not?

How do you understand a win-win solution in business negotiations?

As a negotiator, should you mainly focus on your company’s interests or do your counterpart’s needs matter too? Why? Why not?

Written by Elena Rudaya

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